A Birth Kit Especially for Believe Midwifery Clients

Believe Midwifery clients planning a homebirth are asked to purchase a kit of supplies for use during their birth. For years the practice provided clients a list of supplies to gather but we’ve learned for various reasons that it best serves both our clients, and the midwifery team, if a prepared supply kit is utilized. These reasons are not simply convenience, but rather safety. We have purchased these items in bulk and subsequently, pass on a significant savings to you.

Included in your kit is a blue lightbulb. Please install this bulb in a light at the front of your home prior to your home visit. This helps the birth team identify which home they are searching in the middle of the night when house numbers can be hard to read. In effort to preserve our earth, we would gladly accept recycled bulbs to share in future kits.

Select the Deluxe Add-On option for additional post-partum supplies including post-partum bath herbs!

Clients are also asked to gather in a basket:

  • bath robes for mom and dad
  • fresh ice in the freezer
  • laundry soap near the washer and dryer
  • camera with a fresh battery if you desire
  • space heater or fan as appropriate
  • healthy snacks and sports drinks for each of you, and the birth team
  • frozen meals or crock pot meal
  • car seat for baby, brought into the home
  • thermometer for baby
  • TWO clean aluminum cookie sheets (used is just fine)
  • olive oil for baby’s bum
  • bleach if renting the spa
  • Motrin if desired, for postpartum cramping
  • cloth or disposable baby diapers and wipes
  • two sets of freshly laundered bed sheets, minimum!
  • five to ten freshly laundered towels and washrags
  • ten or more freshly laundered infant receiving blankets
  • two freshly laundered baby hats
  • comfort items as desired – candles, music, massage oils, lip balm

The birth kit includes all the disposable items your birth team will utilize while assisting in your home birth. We ask that you keep it out of the reach of children, but within your planned birthing environment. Please purchase and pick-up the kit from our boutique prior to your home visit, as presence of this kit is required to secure a safe home birth.

Our Postpartum Personal Care Kit is very popular among our birthing mothers. Choose one of the “Deluxe” options below to receive your choice of Earth Mama or 3GirlsHolistic postpartum herbs, peri-spray bottle, cold pack and Natracare pantyliners and your birth team will prepare these for you to utilize immediately after your birth. Continue using them through healing, and enjoy herbal baths with your newborn.

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