Hygeia EnDeare Breast Pump for Local Rental

The EnDeare™ is a hospital-grade, eco-friendly, double electric breast pump with piston-driven technology for maximum reliability.

Independent speed and suction controls allow for customization and maximum efficiency and comfort. Designed for use by multiple users with individual Personal Accessory Sets, the EnDeare™ is suggested for exclusive pumping, multiples, challenged breastfeeding initiation, relactation or maintaining supply. The built-in, rechargeable battery and friendly, portable design make it an ideal hospital-grade pump. Excellent for clinic use.

Important: You will need to purchase the Universal Personal Accessory Set separately to use this.


  • Independently Adjustable Speed and Suction Controls
  • Hygeia CARE Button for Customized Audio Recording Experience
  • Personal Accessory Set (sold separately) Includes Manual Pump
  • Rechargeable NIMH Battery (approximately four hours of use per full charge)
  • Single or Double Pumping for Flexibility
  • FDA Approved for Multi-User Use
  • Weighs 4lbs 4oz

What is a “Hospital-Grade” Breast Pump?

Hygeia offers a thorough blog post specific to understanding FDA Regulation, history of the term “hospital-grade,” multi-users with rental pumps, insurance coding, and introducing you to hospital-grade pumps available from Hygeia.

Important: You will need to purchase the Universal Personal Accessory Set separately to use this.

Note: We will NOT ship this product. You must be able to pick it up locally in either the Lafayette or Carmel boutiques. Add Local Pick-Up to your cart and save on shipping at checkout!

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